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Make learning the Japanese Katakana script more enjoyable with these katakana flashcards!

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These 110 Katakana Flashcards have been created to learn the full list of katakana characters through fun learning activities and games. I have also included additional katakana combination characters that are not included on the katakana chart but are important to learn (e.g. チェ; シェ; ジェ; ティ; ディ; ファ; フィ; フェ; フォ).
Each flashcard shows the katakana character on the top of the flashcard with the romaji/English letters on the bottom of the card. They can be used for traditional learning or cut them in half for learning activities and games. BONUS katakana vocabulary has also been included on the last page to practise reading the katakana characters.

* Basic Characters
* Tenten and Maru
* Combination Characters (including those not included on the Katakana chart)

Also includes AUTHENTIC JAPANESE pronunciation audio files to accompany the flashcards to further assist with your katakana mastery.

HIGH QUALITY FILES - ONLY 13 coloured pages to print for 110 flashcards. May be printed on A4 paper for "playing card sized" flashcards OR on A3 for larger sized flashcards.

You can test your knowledge by folding the romaji underneath and once you read the Katakana character, you can flick the card over to see/check the romaji.

MAKE YOUR LEARNING FUN by printing two copies of the cards.  One for learning and the other for fun activities.  Cut the cards in half to play 'Match the Katakana character to the romaji and vice versa. My daughter and I used to do this as a bedtime activity and spread them across the bed.  You can use the other copy to check you have matched them correctly.  There are other games such as memory or snap that can also be played using these cards.

PRINTING - The quality of the printing will be based on your printer, if you are unhappy with the printed version, you may like to print the cards at a place like Officeworks. You can also print the flashcards on thicker paper (e.g. 200-300gsm) for durability.

NOTE – for more comprehensive flashcards with stroke order to learn how to write the characters and vocabulary for each character see (Hiragana and Katakana Flashcards – physical products).

Japanese success is easy with Japres flashcards and resources!

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