Animals & Weather – A4 Japanese Anime Vocabulary Cards for Teachers



Make learning Japanese more enjoyable with these vocabulary cards with anime characters! Each card includes the relevant Japanese word written in Hiragana or Katakana; Kanji (commonly used Kanji only); Romaji and English. See more details below.

CLASSROOM LICENSE and flexibility with printing sizes.


PRODUCT FOR TEACHERS - this license allows you to print copies for teaching and for classroom activities.  If students would like a copy of their own, please encourage them to purchase the 'playing card' sized vocabulary cards designed as study materials for students to use at home.

The 'playing sized' anime vocabulary cards for students have now been produced as A4 versions for teachers to use in the classroom.  These are high quality files, so will allow you to print in A4, A3, A5 (two per page) or four per page for classroom activities.

Each card includes the relevant Japanese word written in Hiragana or Katakana; Kanji (commonly used Kanji only); Romaji and English.

This set includes vocabulary cards for the following Japanese words:

  • doubutsu
  • neko
  • koneko
  • inu
  • koinu
  • tori
  • sakana
  • ushi
  • uma
  • saru
  • shika
  • zou
  • nezumi
  • niwatori
  • kame
  • hebi
  • kaeru
  • kumo
  • tora
  • usagi
  • hitsuji
  • risu
  • buta
  • yagi
  • kuma
  • ookami
  • doubutsuen
  • kisetsu
  • haru
  • natsu
  • aki
  • fuyu
  • ame
  • yuki
  • hyou
  • tenki

This is the Animals and Weather/Seasons set.  There are other sets currently available and more will be added regularly to this website.


You can turn the cards into flashcards by folding the English (and romaji if your students know the Japanese scripts) underneath and once the students have answered you can reveal the English.  If you laminate the cards, you can cover the English and then reveal.

FUN CLASSROOM ACTIVITY -  print additional copies (e.g. four cards per page) for group activities.  Cut the 'English' section from each card to play 'Match the English to the Japanese' and vice versa. My daughter and I used to do this as a bedtime activity and spread them across the bed.  There are other games such as memory or snap that can also be played using these cards.


  • You will receive an email with a link to download the zip folder.
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  • If you have any problems, please contact me via

PRINTING - these are high quality files; while they have been designed on an A4 template, you will have the flexibility to print them at larger and smaller sizes depending on your preference.